Mission Statement

We at Champion are not just another advertising agency, we treat your business like our own. That is why before we can do business, we need to know everything you can teach us about your products, services, and the demographics of who purchases those products and services.

Our belief is that in advertising, your purchasing art to promote your business. The advertising campaign will only be as effective as the art is, in getting to the point. Each advertising agency has a specific talent, some in print, some direct mail, radio, television, and some in outdoor advertising.

Our specialty is in creating advertising campaigns for outdoor advertising. The following are some of the considerations contemplated in using outdoor.

  • Locations, and Types of outdoor venues (see "Outdoor Advertising Basics")
  • Demographics of the target audience
  • Frequency and Reach of the selected venue
  • Desired Effect of the outdoor program
  • Direct Sales
  • Sales Leads
  • Brand Recognition
  • Directional Awareness
  • Enhancement Effect of outdoor advertising when mixed with print, trade journal, newspaper, radio, television, or vehicular advertising.
  • Measurable Effect, if you can't measure the effect, how do you know its working.

We can accomplish this by implementing one or all of our programs.


Brand Awareness - There are many small to medium sized companies, and new companies that have excellent products and services, but no name recognition. There are some well known brands that have spent millions advertising ineffectively. Unfortunately, the ability to spend millions can usually make a poor campaign successful in itself. Few businesses are in the financial position to make that kind of mistake. Don't be one of them, it may be your last (example "Dot Com Failures").

We accomplish Brand Awareness, by using a very careful mix of outdoor, print, television, radio, direct mail, and vehicle advertising. Of course not every product and service can be successfully placed in all media venues. Champion having over twenty five years of combined advertising
experience, can determine which venue is appropriate for most products. With a successful Champion strategy, your products can achieve the brand recognition that they deserve.

Shock Value ­ It take somes courage, but impact can be tasteful. We have developed many campaigns that have, and would have generated a lasting impact to the viewing public, if only the board members would have had the courage.

When you look at the following bulletin design what is the first thing you see.


In this case we are advertising for a new shoe store opening, in a local mall.

Sometimes we use links to other successful shows or events.


Of course, we could not use the Soprano stars in the actual advertising, but suggested a similar pose by the companies top sales personal. The company conservatively choose "two hands shaking" instead of hardnosed people with cigars.

In effective advertising it takes COURAGE AND TASTE, and we will see that you have it.

The choice is simple, sales now or later. Your products and services, or theirs.

*designs are proprietary to Champion and their clients, no reproduction of
the displayed copy is permitted without the written permission of Champion
and their respective clients.