Incorporated in January of 1999, Champion Outdoor Advertising Media Services, Inc., hereinafter referred to as Champion, has been effectively involved in the advertising business since 1988. From 1988 to January of 2000 the principals of Champion were representing and managing outdoor advertising inventory and operated 98 bulletins faces (billboards) in the City of Tampa and the surrounding metropolis.

The clients, accustomed to the service and attention of Champion, began to seek Champion¹s representation and creative services for their outdoor advertising campaigns. Their campaigns at first started with traditional bulletin (billboard) advertising and quickly began to include all other types of outdoor advertising (see "Outdoor Advertising Basics").

Afterwards, clients requested that Champion provide graphic and creative services for newspaper, trade journal, product labels and other forms of advertising media. Champion rose to the challenge by acquiring talented key employees and independent contractors to exclusively work with Champion, in order to service Champion's expanding client base.

Between January 1999 and January 2001, independent outdoor companies, and individuals contracted with Champion, to represent their outdoor advertising inventory. These companies include:

Name of Company Area Covered
Galaxy Outdoor New York, New York
Newark Outdoor New Jersey
Chance Outdoor Georgia
JLH Outdoor Florida
Champion Outdoor Florida

In November 1999, Champion was recruited by Ads In Motion, as their exclusive agent to locate, permit, and successfully install LED displays in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and New York, New York. Upon the completion of these first two installations, Champion’s task is to place 50 LED units (electronic computer driven sign displays) into the top 50 advertising markets in the continental United States.

As of May 2001 Champion is currently involved in acquiring clients, for what will be the largest advertising display in New York City history. This information is being kept confidential due to the extreme competitive nature of having and managing the largest sign in the New York City market. You’ll know it when you see it, and you will here about it, once completed.

Principals of Champion Outdoor Advertising Media Services, Inc.

Gary Barbosa, President

Since 1988, Gary Barbosa has worked as an advertising agency and consultant to various media providers. Tasks and duties performed included permitting, erecting, and leasing outdoor advertising bulletins. He is well versed in the legal delicacies of sign leases, variances, sign ordinances, prohibitions, restrictions, and legislation of bulletin signs. Gary is the author of the sign leases used in representation to landlords, and the advertising contract used for advertising clients. He has also authored the informative web site of Champion Outdoor Advertising, at

Barbosa also heads up the “Brand Awareness” Division of Champion. The Brand Awareness division’s goal is to take established companies who have little name recognition and make them household names, “Brand Names”.